Understand The Mechanism of Anxiety: This Will Help You A Lot

This first advice is considered as the most important and is that it is necessary to understand the anxiety to achieve control as it is explained. Remember that anxiety is a survival mechanism in situations that the brain perceives as dangerous. The bodily sensations are normal reactions of the body. They are not harmful in themselves. A mechanism that is prepared to save you from danger cannot at the same time harm you. Think logically and rationally about anxiety.If you want to wait for long enough, the fear will eventually disappear. In this way, you will learn how to put anxiety control into practice. However, if you leave the situation you will always think that anxiety may outweigh you. This is the great trap of anxiety, avoidance. To know various details and research articles, Check this site out!


Breathe slowly and deeply

Use abdominal breathing to relax physically and mentally and take control of the situation. If you breathe slowly, it will help you to balance the organism and recover the necessary energy to face your day to day life. Practice it and repeat it frequently and you will notice its benefits.

Interpret things and situations correctly

Eliminate negative thoughts. Stop bothering. Have a positive attitude and do not be a catastrophist seeing the less good side of life, do not regret so much, look for the positive of each situation, strive to keep going and know what you think will influence how you feel. Think well and it will help you feel good. Maybe you cannot choose what happens to you but if you can decide how to react to it. Avoid negative thoughts.

Speak and express feelings

One of the fundamental aspects is that they must externalize their sensations, their fears. As with a pressure cooker, you need exhaust valves. If you do not remove the valve to release the pressure comes a time when it explodes.Express how you feel often, do not wait to explode. Tell your discomfort when it is still of low intensity. Many people struggle to control themselves trying at all costs that emotions do not appear fearing that others realize. Sometimes, the fear of appearing weaker or worrying your environment, but this effort to contain yourself is useless and will further increase the emotional tension and the discomfort will end up exploding suddenly and uncontrollably, sometimes with an excessive anger, cannot stop crying, an anxiety attack, etc.

Conclusion: Learn to be assertive

Or what is the same, to find the balance between others and you. You have the right to say what you think. Forget what people think, be yourself, give much importance to what others think will always create tension and you will lose freedom. Live more slowly, as you rush through life, carrying more things hour after hour, you stretch like a rubber band to the breaking point. Avoid excess occupation. The day only has 24 hours. Organize and prioritize in those truly important tasks.