The Rules of Selection of the Event Agency Team

The desire to organize a holiday on their own is commendable, but is broken on the rocks of reality at the first hints of problems. And they will. After all, one idea and enthusiasm is not enough to complete a large-scale project. You need experience, creative taste and a hand full of practice. For the perfect holiday go to the pros, event-agency but how to find an event- shark among small fish?

What will the event-agency portfolio tell you?

Eliminate inappropriate applicants can be even before a personal meeting, help social networks and the agency’s website. Instagram is especially convenient for helping to build a complete picture. On the site, take a closer look at the “mission”, values ​​and general idea of ​​the agency, and then go straight to the portfolio.

Term of work, fame and reputation are also important. And if there are awards in the archive, then you can safely add an agency to your short list. As a rule, in the search process, up to ten applicants are selected, and then they are telephoned and communicated by phone. From the courtesy and attentiveness of managers depends on the probability of a personal meeting. Remember, you are looking for a team to make your dreams come true. So rush to anything.

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How to distinguish pros from impostors?

Not every eventagentur wien with the event prefix is ready to offer a high level of service. Often, you can get something like a children’s matinee, when a Hi-End class party was planned. To avoid unpleasant surprises, pay attention to how to keep agency representatives.

A professional will answer all questions and, if necessary, will tell about the submitted works in the portfolio. In the process of communication, he will offer possible options for organizing the celebration and the best solutions. Already at this stage you can understand a lot about the level of flight. For example, if an expert has a lot of experience, ideas will be a bit more creative than banal DC scripts.

7 reasons to entrust the organization of event- agency!

  • Excellent knowledge of all contractors. You will be offered top decorators, presenters, screenwriters and other masters who are somehow needed to translate the idea, and the quality of their work is guaranteed to be high.
  • Development of the original concept. Taking into account the slightest wishes, a unique story is created that will tell guests about you and hobbies.
  • Competent presentation of the event. Selection of a director and a lighting director for the full disclosure of a plan without the effect of theatrical art.
  • Perfectionism in everything. An authoritative agency achieves the high quality of the work of contractors, which as a result yields fruits in the form of a flawless organization.
  • Debugged business processes. You are always aware of what is happening and receive reports on the progress of training. Everything’s under control.
  • Clear plan. On the day of the event, participants play strictly assigned roles that are rehearsed and thought out in advance. No fuss, everything is accurate and harmonious.
  • You enjoy the holiday and enjoy the participation in the process of realizing your dreams or ideas.

Everything is just exactly as difficult. It’s time to get away from the long texts and look at the photos.