Greater Options for the Perfect Lion Dance in LED

In general, the best students in the school move their head, mouth, eyes and ears during their acrobatics, thus using their martial skills for festive and cheerful purposes, bringing happiness and luck when the dance is well executed.

The drummer must be very skilled and know which drum beat is appropriate for each movement or emotion of the lion. The cymbals and the gong follow the beat of the drum. In other words, the whole team has to work together.

The Dance Performance

The performance of the dance usually follows three stages during which the lion expresses different emotions. With the Amazing LED Lion Dance the whole ambience changes.

The lion begins by opening the dance greeting his sponsor three times, sign of respect; he thus presents his good nature and the happy omen. The second part is what the Chinese call “eating the green” This is the most important part of the dance, symbolic gesture that brings luck and prosperity to the occasions that we celebrate. The “green” consists of a salad that the lion, after many hesitations, seizes, chews and spits, taking care to put everywhere.

  • In fact of hesitation, the lion makes sure that the place is safe, he approaches carefully the salad, object of his lust, blinks eyes, pretends to lose interest and come back immediately and, s he has affirmed his territory and removed his rival, he will finally dare to touch the “green”, with his paw first, then he will seize it in his mouth and begin to chew it, ultimate moment of tension. Against all odds, the lion spits and throws the salad fragments, first to the left then to the right and finally to the middle, symbolically sending wealth and prosperity in all directions, traditionally carrying happiness. At that moment, the firecrackers burst, from the mouth of the lion leaves a red ribbon that he presents to the guest of honor. The dance continues for a short while then the final part is announced: the lion greets three times before concluding his performance.
  • Lion The salad can be hooked to a door or any other place of difficult access so as to require dancers great skill and qualities of balance and control themselves exceptional. For the same reasons, there may be obstacles on the course of the lion or lions that the interpreters must cross before reaching their goal; it is most often stacks of benches or tables. These challenges are so many ways to appreciate a unique moment; the better the dancers, the more the lion seems alive. If the dance is long, exciting, that the spectators do not get bored, the bet is won, the luck will be favorable, the prosperity at the rendezvous and the deserved thanks

Lion The red envelope hidden in the heart of the salad! The organizer makes a subtle bet on the conduct of his party. Indeed, it is customary to thank the lions by anticipating their benefits: the more we expect from them, the more the thank you (money) must be important; conversely, the performance of the lions must be worthy of the gift of the envelope, so that the honor of the school is not tainted but on the contrary its prestige enlarged.